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The Organology Wiki organizes articles primarily according to their Modified Hornbostel-Sachs System number, but also by using retailer categories such as those found on Musician's Friend and Guitar Center.

Each article should include five sections (not including the introduction): History, Specifications, Techniques, Types, and References. References should be included in MLA format [1]. Images, audio clips, and videos are absolutely essential to the Wiki's success and a minimalist article should at least include a sentence and an image.

The Infobox is currently in development and is not official as of yet, but please feel free to use it (the current design can essentially be copied and pasted from the Electric Guitar page.

Please refrain from non-musical instrument pages for the time being; I am working on classification pages still, especially providing adequate references. Please add to a page's talk page if you have any questions about the current classification schema instead of haphazardly adding categories you are unsure about. In these cases, a top-level category (i.e. Category:Gaiaphones, Category:Hydraulophones, Category:Aerophones, Category:Plasmaphones, or Category:Quintephones) should suffice.

The goal of this Wiki is to effectively categorize all musical instruments. If you would like to contribute, please refer to the articles below in order to get a feel about how an article should look:

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An electric guitar is a guitar which uses a pickup to convert the vibrations of its strings into electrical impulses. There are several types of electric guitars, namely solid body, chambered body, semi-acoustic, full hollowbody, and electric acoustic, among others. (more...)

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