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The Quad Guitar solo in Nitro's "Freight Train" music video.

Michael Angelo Batio's iconic guitar solo in "Freight Train".

The Quad Guitar was invented and designed by Michael Angelo Batio. It was built by Wayne Charvel in Southern California. The guitar was originally built in conjunction with Gibson Guitars. Wayne later changed the necks and neck logos to say “Ritz” Guitars which at the time was his new guitar company. The 2 top necks have 7 strings while the bottom 2 necks have 6. The Quad Guitar is actually 4 separate guitars with back plates determining it’s shape. The Quad was stolen in El Paso, Texas after the second show of the “Nitro” “OFR” tour. The seven string guitars were returned to Michael by Simon Jones courtesy of Mick Seymour (owner of Bill Lewington Distribution in the U.K.) at a Dean Guitars sponsored show in England in November 2004.